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Ray of Rainlight

Ray of Rainlight

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It’s funny… since I’ve gotten back into photography, I’ve developed a passion for this black and white, photojournalistic, reportage, street style of photography as seen in my previous posts; and I aspire to be at least half as interesting as my hero and favorite icon of the reportage style, Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Yet, the picture of mine that seems to get the most praise and attention is this color nature shot! It has garnered very nice reactions and comments (all of which I truly appreciate) over at JPG Magazine and it was even awarded “HOT” status by the magazine itself… my first photo to do so!

Now, I guess it’s a nice shot with it’s bold contrasting colors and the ray of rainlight coming through the trees, but for me personally, there’s not much to it. No interesting characters telling their story with their facial expressions, no sense of tragedy, loss or sadness in the movement or gestures of a person’s body language. But then, those may be the very type of things people see in this shot that I have been missing (the dramatic sense of an omnipresent being projecting it’s power down on us?)

In any case, I know it’s all subjective, it’s just that this is not my favorite picture and certainly not my normal style, but nonetheless, it connects with people much the same way my Broken Heart Robot toy did… and I certainly can’t fault that!