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Forthcoming Album “Shōuchū”

jido-genshi "Shōuchū" album cover

jido-genshi "Shōuchū" album cover

Finally started work on the new jido-genshi album, tentatively titled Shōuchū. (小宇宙 – meaning “Microcosm”)

Though still electronic in nature – and experimental as always – I tend to be using more guitars on this release than I normally do on my jido-genshi project; though I do use guitars quite a bit on some of my other music projects.

This particular track has sort of a “Boards Of Canada” feel to it, except, as I mentioned, it is mostly guitars (with a synth thrown in here and there.) A good pair of headphones is recommened while listening to this; to pick up the subtle low frequency bass and kick drum. I happen to use the Sony MDR-7506, my favorite pair of headphones for well over a decade now.

Shouchu Preview 01 by genshi

As always, when the album is released, you will be able to find it on the iTunes Music Store as well as Amazon’s MP3 Store.

"GRIDSCAPE" by StarDotStar

"GRIDSCAPE" by StarDotStar




… and for a quick sneak-peek preview of one of my other projects; this is my fun and bouncy, neo-electro-synth-pop project StarDotStar and a track from the forthcoming album “Gridscape”:

Gridscape Preview by genshi

(All album cover art/design © 2010 by Craig Anthony Perkins for Genshi Media Group.)