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More Nostalgia

TV & Radio Mirror Magazine 1971

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TV & Radio Mirror Magazine 1971

This was an article about my dad from “TV & Radio Mirror” magazine circa 1971. Yep, that’s my dad and I in the photos along with my mom and little brother Todd; I was 7 years old.

The magazine was a national gossip magazine and this particular issue from June 1971 had Lucille Ball on the cover and a “story” on how her son Desi Arnaz Jr. was the actual father of Patty Duke’s baby (the baby being Sean Astin of “Lord of The Rings” fame.)

There were also articles on Burt Reynolds, Mike Farrel of “M*A*S*H” and of course, my dad, who, for a simple radio dj, was pretty well known at the time. The article states that autograph seekers would “run right past Johnny Cash, Buck Owens and Glen Campbell” (all of whom were actually family friends of ours) just to get my dad’s autograph.

My Nostalgia…

1986 Fashion Magazine Featuring Me… Yikes!

I was feeling nostalgic today and dug up some old photos and magazines that I had been in. This particular scan is of a page from a fashion magazine that I modeled for in 1986. Damn that was a long time ago! And yes, that really is me in the pictures there.

Now the funny thing is, though way back then I did do some modeling, I actually didn’t want to. In fact, I hated it! What I was trying to do is get a job as a photo assistant, but every time I showed up to the gig, they would want to put me in the photos instead (it’s gotta be the hair!)