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Pinhole Polaroid Photography

Sarah & Sarah 01 - Sepia Polaroid Pinhole

Sarah & Sarah 01 - Sepia Polaroid Pinhole

For the past couple of months I have been exploring the wonderful world of Pinhole photography.

Using the Polaroid Pinhole 100 camera and the rare and almost out-of-stock Sepia polaroid film, I’ve come to really appreciate the limitations (and happy accidents) that come with pinhole photography.

In case some of you don’t know and are in need of an explanation; a pinhole camera is basically just a box with a tiny little pin hole poked in it, literally! No lens, no shutter, nothing but a hole in a box. This is as basic as photography gets, but with beautiful and occasionally unpredictable results.

You can see more of these pinhole explorations in my Pinhole Flickr Set.

Holgaroid + Type 100 Sepia Film


Wall Of Chairs – Type 100 Sepia

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Yay! My Holgaroid (Holga 120GFN + Polaroid back) arrived from PolaPremium.com along with a few packs of film.

This is my third Holga camera but the first with a glass lens, a flash and a Polaroid back. And this particular one seems to have much crazier light leaks than my previous models, but it only adds to the mystique of the images, imho.

My first tests with this Holgaroid were conducted using the Type 100 Sepia Polaroid film, so the Sepia-toned image you see here is how the camera shot it (no post processing, no Photoshop!)

I seem to be de-evolving my photographic process; from Digital, to Holga 120 Film, to Holga-based Polaroids… what could possibly be next? (hint: Pinhole Photography!)

Save Polaroid!



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Well, as some of you may or may not know, Polaroid has stopped making instant film. This may not seem like such a big deal to many in the face of the digital age, but in my humble opinion, this is a tragedy!

Through out the 1970s I grew up on Polaroid. My father always used his Polaroid Land Camera to take photos of mine and my brother’s birthdays, our family Christmases, our Easter egg hunts and other holidays and family get-togethers. Such memories!

The anticipation of the photo developing before our eyes, the smell of that coating my dad would rub on the photograph with the little stick thing. And more than any other kind of traditional film or even digital photography, Polaroids had an immediacy to them like no other. It was simply the easiest and most “instant” way to capture the moment.

And it’s all going away for us all… but there is some hope. There is a campaign going on through the website www.SavePolaroid.com which hopes to convince other manufacturers (i.e. Fuji and Ilford) to continue manufacturing the Polaroid film. There are also several Flickr groups dedicated to the same effort.

I’m trying to do my part, by spreading the word, contributing this Polaroid self-portrait which is currently [as of this writing] on the front page of the SavePolaroid.com site (recently reported on by CNN and the New York Times!) and using what little money I have to buy as much of the remaining film stock that there is at PolaPremium.com in hopes to create a new body of work based on Polaroid photography, and to get this published as a book and/or exhibited in some galleries.

So please, do your part, and Save Polaroid!

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