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Photography, Streamlining and Lightroom Presets

So, it’s actually been quite awhile since I’ve posted… thankfully it’s due to all of the creative projects I’ve been working on lately.

One thing I wanted to write about though is, because I do so many different things (music, photography, filmmaking, design) I’ve had to streamline my process quite a bit in order to save on time. With regards to photography, that meant instead of spending hours and hours on editing within Photoshop alone, moving over to Lightroom first and attempt to edit the basics; the raw file’s exposure, color balance, etc., which helps to save valuable time so I can edit more photos and thus, get the work out into the world quicker.

Well blessings come in many forms, and though I try to stay away from plugins, I have to say, the SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets V5 have been just that… a blessing! The ease of use and the quality of the “recipes” are simply astounding. They seem to work miracles, but in truth, they are simply a quick and easy way to get to the results I would have needed to spend hours on to achieve. If I know what I want, and I know I can do it in Lightroom, why spend so much time tweaking, pushing and pulling, when I can just click on one of the V5 Presets and have the result instantly!

The way SLR Lounge organizes these recipes/presets are also quite a blessing as well. You have Base presets, Curves, Adjustments and then Special FX, all of which you can stack together. It can take a rather bland photo, to a beautifully graded portrait or fashion editorial piece (see my example). This an essential tool for me and is definitely one plugin system that I highly recommend to any photographer who is serious about getting professional results from their photos quickly and easily. Thank you SLR Lounge for your incredible work on the Lightroom Presets V5 system… I look forward to your next version!

You can get the SLR Lounge presets here: http://www.slrlounge.com/lightroom-presets

Raw file shot with the Fujifilm X-E1.

Raw file shot with the Fujifilm X-E1.

Processed with Lightroom 5 and the SLR Lounge Preset V5 system.

Processed with Lightroom 5 and the SLR Lounge Preset V5 system.


Photo Manipulation Experiments

Taking a quick break between filmmaking projects, I did a couple of photo manipulation experiments using a style that I had never attempted before; just trying to broaden my [graphic design & photography] horizons…

Profile Experiment #02

Profile Experiment #01

Death Of A Broken Heart Robot – Hipstamatic 180

I really don’t want to turn this blog into an “All About Hipstamatic app” blog, but it does seem to be going that way doesn’t (damn them for updating their app with cool stuff!)

But this post is more of a plea for votes. Not only do the creators make a fantastic app or two, but they run contests in which you enter a photo, people vote and if you win, you sometimes win something cool. In this case, I really want to win because the “something cool” is the chance to win a trip to the grand opening of the new Salvador Dalí Museum in Florida and to have your photo exhibited in the museum! I’ve been in first place on and off (even though I’ve had the most votes the entire time; their voting system is clearly buggy) and there are only a couple of days left for voting on my Death Of A Broken Heart Robot photo, so I hope all those who are reading this, that have either a Twitter or Facebook account, will please vote for my photo… I greatly appreciate it! (and don’t worry, the Broken Heart Robot isn’t really dead, he’s just playing around.)

As for the latest update, Hipstamatic 180 introduces the new Dalí Museum GoodPak (hence the Dalí contest) which includes the Salvador 84 lens and the DreamCanvas film (as well as a Dalí inspired virtual case!) Here are some examples of what this film/lens combination can do:

Creative Photography – Hipstamatic 160

Just thought I’d write a little follow up to my previous “Creative Photography” post. This time instead of getting all crazy with the multiple app processing to get a painterly look, I kept it simple using just the Hipstamatic app with the John S Lens and Pistil Film options. In the case of the “Diner” photos I did do a little bit of additional processing with the Film Lab app to tone down the colors just a bit using the Cross-Processing Americano effect; and the Pasadena Playhouse and Zona Rosa Caffe photos using the Cross-Processing Sandal effect.