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Holgaroid + Type 100 Sepia Film


Wall Of Chairs – Type 100 Sepia

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Yay! My Holgaroid (Holga 120GFN + Polaroid back) arrived from PolaPremium.com along with a few packs of film.

This is my third Holga camera but the first with a glass lens, a flash and a Polaroid back. And this particular one seems to have much crazier light leaks than my previous models, but it only adds to the mystique of the images, imho.

My first tests with this Holgaroid were conducted using the Type 100 Sepia Polaroid film, so the Sepia-toned image you see here is how the camera shot it (no post processing, no Photoshop!)

I seem to be de-evolving my photographic process; from Digital, to Holga 120 Film, to Holga-based Polaroids… what could possibly be next? (hint: Pinhole Photography!)

Xpro Holga

Oxley Building

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Well, I ran my first roll of color film (Fuji Velvia RVP100 slide) through the Holga and then had it cross-processed (xpro) which forces a color shift to the negatives. The images are interesting, though I am actually not completely happy with the results (could be my lack of inspiration this time around and/or the subjects I shot.)

In any case, this was more of an experiment for me to see what the whole xpro thing is like and to get a feel for shooting color with the Holga.

I think I’ll stick to shooting black and white for now though…

New Holga Photos Uploaded

Abandoned Car In Pasadena, CA

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I have new Holga photos up on both my Flickr and JPG Magazine profiles. I’m just really loving getting away from digital photography occasionally and going back to shooting film, especially with the Holga.

In case you need a refresher my dear readers, the Holga is a cheap plastic toy camera that leaks light through the edges, has a plastic lens, no control over the aperture or shutter speed (though there is a bulb setting) yet uses high quality medium format (120) film. The results are usually unpredictably beautiful!

As usual when I shoot film through the Holga, there is no photoshopping involved (other than to save the scanned negatives as jpgs) so what you see here is how the camera shot it.

So far, I have only loaded my Holgas with various black and white film (usually the Ilford Delta series of films, which is becoming my favorite film) but on my next outing, I will be loading up a roll of Fuji Velvia RVP100 color slide film and then cross-processing it to hopefully get some fun and unexpected results. Stay tuned!

Abandoned Train Car


Abandoned Train Car

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Today I received an email stating that one of my favorite photos, the Abandoned Train Car, has been selected for inclusion in LightLeaks Magazine! I love this magazine; dedicated to those who use low-fi cameras such as the Holga.

The person who selected my photo was Aline Smithson, the guest photo editor for upcoming issue #10. She was a photo editor for Vogue Patterns in New York and has worked as a photo editor and fashion stylist for some of the top photographers in the industry. Now she shows her own photographic work in galleries across the country.

I’m honored to have my photo published in this magazine and hope this, as well as my recent commissioned work will help to launch my new career as a photographer.

Some details about this photo: I used a Holga 120S loaded with expired Ilford Delta 3200 Pro film (which is a grainy medium format or 120 film.) Yes, this is film not digital and no Photoshopping was involved other than to save the photo as a jpg from the scanned negative.