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The Dread – Part 1 | 12seconds.tv (beta)


The Dread - Part 1

The Dread - Part 1

A new experiment for the 12seconds.tv site; an attempt to tell a story of dread in only 12 second increments.

The Dread – Part 1 | 12seconds.tv (beta)

I recently discovered this 12second.tv site. Basically, it’s a video version of twitter where you only get 12 seconds to post what you are doing. And much like twitter, the vast majority of the people posting are posting how bored they are or how drunk they are or, even worse, themselves just laughing or making stupid faces into the camera for 12 seconds!

Well, I wanted to do something a little more creative. I saw this as a challenge; to try to tell a story within the constraint of the 12 seconds. And I wanted to do this visually, with sound effects and music but no dialog. So this is my first attempt as an internet film maker. I present to you, part 1 of a multi-part series known as The Dread.

(Note: I do hope that everyone reading this checks out the version on the 12seconds.tv site and comments on my little film. Unfortunately, the 12seconds.tv site crops the videos submitted to a squarish format. So to view the full widescreen version of The Dread, please check out my Mac Gallery. Thank you.)