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Exclusive World Premier Short Film for 2012 Macworld Expo

Isobel And The Witch Queen

Isobel And The Witch Queen

A huge opportunity has recently landed in my lap and I’m hoping it will inspire others to join me in this exciting opportunity!

I have been asked to be part of a panel discussion of iPhone Filmmakers at the upcoming 2012 Macworld. They will be showing the past winning films from the iPhone Film Festival (including my previous ghost story short film) followed by a question and answer period. In addition, I’ve also been asked to shoot a new short film to World Premier exclusively at Macworld! 600 media outlets will be in attendance along with 25,000 attendees!

The story for this approximately 12 minute fantasy/fairy tale short film, entitled Isobel And The Witch Queen, has already been written and I’ve recently acquired four of the main actresses as well as an art director and costume designer for the film. I will be casting shortly for additional supporting actors, performance artists and puppeteers (to play the various forest creatures and fairy folk.) I will be shooting this up in Portland Oregon, primarily at the Witch’s Castle in Forest Park and at a couple of other secret locations.

This will take some small funding and sponsorship so I am looking for Executive Producers who would be willing to invest in this project. I will also be needing a Visual Effects Artist/Supervisor (L.A. or Portland) a Sound Mixer/Boom Operator (Portland) and Gaffer/Lighting Technician (Portland). I will of course be Writing, Directing and Editing this, but may be looking for a composer this time around (normally I do the score myself, but I got too much to do as it is!)

Macworld will be announcing this in October. This will be an amazing opportunity for all involved as this will be getting more exposure than most film festivals. Any Investor/Executive Producer invloved with this project should see the huge potential in having their name attached to something that will be getting this much media coverage (with the extra benefit of not having to compete with thousands of other entries like at a typical film festival.) There are also a couple of other surprises regarding all of this which I can’t mention quite yet, but needless to say, this is a huge opportunity for anyone associated with this project.

More details coming soon… for additional inquiries or to contribute or become a sponsor, please contact: production@genshi.com

iPhone Photography Exhibition at OCCCA

Pixels: The Art of iPhone Photography

There was a great turn out last night for the opening reception of the exhibition entitled Pixels: The Art of iPhone Photography at the Orange County Center For Contemporary Art where I have several of my photographs along with four of my experimental videos showing.

This group exhibition showcases the best iPhoneographers from around the world and will run from March 31st through April 30th 2011. The exhibition will then move to the Arty Gallery in downtown Los Angeles during the months of May and June 2011.

The curator of the exhibition is Knox Bronson who runs the leading iPhoneography gallery site Pixels At An Exhibition and is also co-curated by Jeff T. Alu, Daniel Berman and Maia Panos. The entire iPhoneography community owes them a great deal of thanks for supporting and promoting this emerging form of photography. Thank you!

Remembrance (a ghost story) – Short Film (UPDATED)

My first short film shot entirely on the iPhone 4 is now an official entry into the first annual iPhone Film Festival. This film was shot on location at the infamous abandoned and [supposedly] haunted Linda Vista Community Hospital. The short was Directed by my self and I was also responsible for the Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design and Music Score (yes, this was a self-made, no budget film!)

A big thank you to actress Hanna Hedin Hillberg for her excellent work on the film, and to Stylist/Hair & Makeup artist extraordinaire Pauline Noriega for going above and beyond the call of duty (she was also the “behind the scenes” ghost in the movie!) And a special thank you to Alex K. Cheng for finding the perfect location for us to shoot at!

UPDATE: The official announcements have been made and my film took Second Place Grand Prize for Best Film Overall at the first annual 2011 iPhone Film Festival. The overall consideration was for Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Story, Technical Difficulty and Creativity. Considering the amount of excellent entries in this film festival and my own very limited resources, I am very pleased with the outcome!

Here is some feedback I am getting for my short film:

“It’s difficult portraying a “scary” short film within a few minutes. You must bring the audience into the scene, make them part of the film and instill fear within a matter of minutes. This film does that exactly. We initially felt the main character was not dressed properly for the part, but within a few seconds the director shoots chills immediately up your spine. And the actress does such a good job that she makes sure you go back and watch it a few times.” – iPhone Film Festival Judge Miguel Johnson

“[Craig Anthony Perkins’ Remembrance] again showed what an iPhone is capable of in the right hands. The atmospheric mini horror featured sublime editing and overall quality production.” – Tony @ iphone-productions.com

“The sound design and editing are masterful and make excellent co-conspirators to the superb visual composition.” – shAmii @ iPhone Film Festival

“… the video was pretty terrific even if I hadn’t known it was shot on an iPhone. I’ve seen people with camera gear costing 10 or more times as much that couldn’t touch the work you did.” – musique @ Macrumors Forum

(Best when listened to on good headphones or speakers as there are low frequency rumblings and ghostly voices which cannot be heard on computer speakers. Best when watched with the lights out… if you dare!)

Film Credits:

Remembrance (a ghost story)

A short, experimental film shot and processed on the iPhone 4. Edited with iMovie.

Written & Directed by: Craig Anthony Perkins
Starring: Hanna Hedin Hillberg
Cinematography, Editing, Music & Sound Design: Craig Anthony Perkins
Styling, Hair & Makeup: Pauline Noriega

Thank you to the following:

Alex K. Cheng
Francis Kortekaas
Linda Vista Community Hospital

And a special thank you to Visnja Zelenika for her continued support.

Shot on location at the haunted and abandoned Linda Vista Community Hospital.


iPhone 4 Video Experiments – Part 1

With all the iPhone photography I’ve been doing lately and the occasional video, I thought I’d try my hand at experimenting with really pushing the limits of video on the iPhone 4:

Broken Heart Robot - iPhone 4 & EnCinema 35mm Adapter Test

Broken Heart Robot - iPhone 4 & EnCinema 35mm Adapter Test

In this first, rough test, I have the iPhone 4 encased within the OWLE Bubo. Attached to the Bubo is the EnCinema 35mm Adapter which allows one to attach an SLR film lens (in this case, a Canon 50mm f/1.4 prime lens) to the adapter, which then projects an image onto a glass plate within the adapter. Using the Almost DSLR app for the iPhone, I then focus the iPhone 4 onto the glass plate (through a complex setup of 3 macro and one wide-angle lens) and the result, with any luck, is a film-like cinema experience recorded in HD on your iPhone 4!

iPhone 4 & EnCinema 35mm Adapter Test