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Kricky The Alien Frog – Released!

Finally! After many delays and more than a few setbacks, my toy label GENSHI:TOY is proud to announce the release of my second toy Kricky The Alien Frog!

A couple of days ago I visited my distributor’s warehouse (DKE Toys) where we had just received my inventory of “Kricky Frogs” (which is how the Hong Kong manufacturer, ThreeZero, labeled the cases) and a very big smile quickly grew upon my face.

Stack Of Krickys

Stack Of Krickys

I want to take this opportunity to thank a few people that helped to make this all possible, starting with my new business partners Shirley and Howard, a.k.a. the Chi-Lees, for their support and for making this project happen; Matt Manos for is invaluable work on the packaging design; Dov of DKE Toys as always for his support, advice and Jedi-like distribution skills; ThreeZero for their professionalism in manufacturing; and last but not least, Visnja Zelenika for her invaluable moral support, patience and inspiration (as well as making the “Krick, Krick” noise when explaining how Croatian frogs sound like… which is what inspired Kricky’s name!)

Details about the toy:

Kricky will initially be available in 3 varieties; the original two-toned Green Kricky at $29.95, the Glow-In-The-Dark Kricky at $29.95 (limited to 100 pieces) and for those of you that love to customize your vinyl toys, a Blank White Kricky at $24.95 (which will be sold through Kricky’s site exclusively, starting within the next couple of weeks!)

Please contact your favorite vinyl toy retailer and ask for “Kricky The Alien Frog” by name!