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Busy, busy, busy… I had mentioned in one of my other blogs that one of my “pleasures” and curses is that I usually become interested in too many things. For example, I recently went back to school after oh so many years to study Industrial Design, I’ve been working on my photography (but unfortunately neglecting my music) and now, trying to learn iPhone app programming as well as continuing my explorations in the Processing language/environment.

I recently discovered the next extension to Processing; the Arduino micro-controller board! Arduino is an open source hardware platform which can be programmed [to do just about anything] with the Processing IDE. I received my Arduino board today with a few bits of kit (LEDs, resistors, etc.) and I have SO many ideas… but to start with, the basics: I made a simple little LED circuit which is activated with a push button (see photos below.)

I will eventually be making an accelerometer-based, color changing LED desk lamp, possibly an autonomous robot and then, if I can pull it off, a touchscreen musical instrument!