Creative Photography – Hipstamatic 160

Just thought I’d write a little follow up to my previous “Creative Photography” post. This time instead of getting all crazy with the multiple app processing to get a painterly look, I kept it simple using just the Hipstamatic app with the John S Lens and Pistil Film options. In the case of the “Diner” photos I did do a little bit of additional processing with the Film Lab app to tone down the colors just a bit using the Cross-Processing Americano effect; and the Pasadena Playhouse and Zona Rosa Caffe photos using the Cross-Processing Sandal effect.


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Award winning Filmmaker, Composer, Photographer and Designer Craig Anthony Perkins began as a musician at the age of four, a magician at the age of six, and became interested in photography and filmmaking at a very early age as well. In the past Craig has worked in both a creative and technical capacity within the entertainment industry for companies such as Philips Media, Universal Interactive Studios and AVID, doing everything from video game design and film post production, to sound design, composing and technical writing. Under his own company Genshi Media Group, he has released several albums on the iTunes Music Store, has had his photography published in magazines and exhibited in galleries, his short films showcased in film festivals worldwide (with two of his films actually winning) and has designed indie art toys - including the much sought-after Broken Heart Robot - which has led to talks with two TV networks for consideration as an animated series based on his toy character. Now, between Filmmaking, Photography and Music, as well as performing as a working Magician & Mentalist, Craig is also helping others as a Creative Coach, Personal Consultant & Motivational Speaker; sharing his secrets to creative success and empowering those who seek the creative genius within themselves! View all posts by Craig Anthony Perkins

6 responses to “Creative Photography – Hipstamatic 160

  • ttyler170

    Hey Craig, I was talking about your dad, my cousin, today and googled him which led to my clicking on your link and finding you. Looks like you’re still a creative genius! How interesting! And I was surprised you look so much like GP because I always thought you favored your mom.

    I sent you a friend request on Facebook.

    Remember me and Brooke? You and Brooke are second cousins in more ways than one!
    Tresa Tyler Bowen
    Formerly of El Paso, TX, now of Scottsdale, AZ

  • cholmesart

    Great post, I especially like the photograph, “Diner 02”. I think the iPhone apps are impressive. I really like the whole process of photography and all the different techniques. Whether it be traditional darkroom, to alternative processes such as Polaroid transfers, or TTV’s. I hope to own a Holga soon and other toy cameras. I have never tried pinhole photography, but will give that a try to. Your blog is great reading and I’m enjoying your photographs. Can’t wait to see more.

    A JPG friend, Carol “Cookie” Holmes

    • Craig Anthony Perkins

      Thanks Cookie! I really appreciate it. I never thought I would be doing so much iPhone photography because I consider myself a “real” photographer (whatever that is) but, like you said, it’s all about exploring the whole process of photography, so why not use every tool we have access to! I love Holga photography and the Pinhole is fun (but tricky) and I definitely want try playing with the whole TTV thing (I have a Seagull Twin Lens Reflex which would be good for that, though the viewfinder isn’t very bright.)

      Thanks again for the kind words and for checking out my blog!

      • cholmesart

        Hello Craig…I wanted to ask, what did you mean your viewfinder on your Seagull Twin Lens Reflex isn’t very bright? I was curious because I didn’t understand what you meant by that. Did you mean the mirror inside? Or did you mean the glass bubble part that sits on top? I bought 2 Holgas at different times, the first one by accident…bought it because it looked neat and it was only $7, then I learned about ttv’s. So I took it apart and cleaned it and replaced the mirror myself, and the second I bought did the same and left in NY at relatives house so I when I went to visit I would have one already there. Anyway…I’m rambling and was wondering about your comment.

        Have a great week, Cookie

  • Craig Anthony Perkins

    I guess (I think) the mirror inside. I tried taking a picture once through the viewfinder using my iPhone and it was just very, very dim; nothing like the TTV photos you are getting, unless I am doing it wrong! lol. I only using the glass bubble part when I’m focusing with the Seagull.

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