TouchOSC + Ableton Live + Apple Tablet?

Just one hour to go before Steve Jobs [hopefully] announces the Apple Tablet, or iSlate, or iPad.

For geeky tech heads like me there are mixed reactions. Many (yours truly included) are anticipating this new device hoping it will be a great new paradigm shift in computing. Some just don’t get it and will be left behind in their Windows world, as always (yes, I’m a Mac.)

For the average consumer, this will be a great device, because, as it turns out, the average consumer who owns a computer does nothing more than watch Movies, listen to Music, search Youtube videos, update their Facebook and answer emails… and what better way to do all of that than on a 10 inch tablet with the elegant simplicity that Apple always brings to their devices? Smaller, more portable and less expensive than a laptop; more screen real estate than an iPhone, and if Apple makes a killer user interface (which, reports have it, that people will be surprised how you interact with it) then this will be the perfect consumer-computing device.

For the electronic, software-based musician… (again, like me) this is a dream come true! Why? Because many of us dreamed of controlling our music software with something like the incredibly over-priced, but cool at the time JazzMutant Lemur (something I could never justify spending the money on) and then rejoicing when TouchOSC came out for the iPhone, which turns your iPhone into a mini JazzMutant Lemur essentially (see video below.) But to have that TouchOSC app on a 10 inch Apple Tablet will revolutionize music (and, in my humble opinion, computing in general.)

So this is a video of me doing a quick test of TouchOSC, going through OCSulator, to control the Ableton Live Suite 8 program on my Macbook Pro. The real powerful stuff will happen once I delve deeper into Max For Live, then if we can do all of this on a 10 inch Apple Tablet iPad… well, I will be a very happy boy!

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