Busy, busy, busy… I had mentioned in one of my other blogs that one of my “pleasures” and curses is that I usually become interested in too many things. For example, I recently went back to school after oh so many years to study Industrial Design, I’ve been working on my photography (but unfortunately neglecting my music) and now, trying to learn iPhone app programming as well as continuing my explorations in the Processing language/environment.

I recently discovered the next extension to Processing; the Arduino micro-controller board! Arduino is an open source hardware platform which can be programmed [to do just about anything] with the Processing IDE. I received my Arduino board today with a few bits of kit (LEDs, resistors, etc.) and I have SO many ideas… but to start with, the basics: I made a simple little LED circuit which is activated with a push button (see photos below.)

I will eventually be making an accelerometer-based, color changing LED desk lamp, possibly an autonomous robot and then, if I can pull it off, a touchscreen musical instrument!

About Craig Anthony Perkins

Award winning Filmmaker, Composer, Photographer and Designer Craig Anthony Perkins began as a musician at the age of four, a magician at the age of six, and became interested in photography and filmmaking at a very early age as well. In the past Craig has worked in both a creative and technical capacity within the entertainment industry for companies such as Philips Media, Universal Interactive Studios and AVID, doing everything from video game design and film post production, to sound design, composing and technical writing. Under his own company Genshi Media Group, he has released several albums on the iTunes Music Store, has had his photography published in magazines and exhibited in galleries, his short films showcased in film festivals worldwide (with two of his films actually winning) and has designed indie art toys - including the much sought-after Broken Heart Robot - which has led to talks with two TV networks for consideration as an animated series based on his toy character. Now, between Filmmaking, Photography and Music, as well as performing as a working Magician & Mentalist, Craig is also helping others as a Creative Coach, Personal Consultant & Motivational Speaker; sharing his secrets to creative success and empowering those who seek the creative genius within themselves! View all posts by Craig Anthony Perkins

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