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New Holga Photos Uploaded

Abandoned Car In Pasadena, CA

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I have new Holga photos up on both my Flickr and JPG Magazine profiles. I’m just really loving getting away from digital photography occasionally and going back to shooting film, especially with the Holga.

In case you need a refresher my dear readers, the Holga is a cheap plastic toy camera that leaks light through the edges, has a plastic lens, no control over the aperture or shutter speed (though there is a bulb setting) yet uses high quality medium format (120) film. The results are usually unpredictably beautiful!

As usual when I shoot film through the Holga, there is no photoshopping involved (other than to save the scanned negatives as jpgs) so what you see here is how the camera shot it.

So far, I have only loaded my Holgas with various black and white film (usually the Ilford Delta series of films, which is becoming my favorite film) but on my next outing, I will be loading up a roll of Fuji Velvia RVP100 color slide film and then cross-processing it to hopefully get some fun and unexpected results. Stay tuned!

More Nostalgia

TV & Radio Mirror Magazine 1971

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TV & Radio Mirror Magazine 1971

This was an article about my dad from “TV & Radio Mirror” magazine circa 1971. Yep, that’s my dad and I in the photos along with my mom and little brother Todd; I was 7 years old.

The magazine was a national gossip magazine and this particular issue from June 1971 had Lucille Ball on the cover and a “story” on how her son Desi Arnaz Jr. was the actual father of Patty Duke’s baby (the baby being Sean Astin of “Lord of The Rings” fame.)

There were also articles on Burt Reynolds, Mike Farrel of “M*A*S*H” and of course, my dad, who, for a simple radio dj, was pretty well known at the time. The article states that autograph seekers would “run right past Johnny Cash, Buck Owens and Glen Campbell” (all of whom were actually family friends of ours) just to get my dad’s autograph.

My Nostalgia…

1986 Fashion Magazine Featuring Me… Yikes!

I was feeling nostalgic today and dug up some old photos and magazines that I had been in. This particular scan is of a page from a fashion magazine that I modeled for in 1986. Damn that was a long time ago! And yes, that really is me in the pictures there.

Now the funny thing is, though way back then I did do some modeling, I actually didn’t want to. In fact, I hated it! What I was trying to do is get a job as a photo assistant, but every time I showed up to the gig, they would want to put me in the photos instead (it’s gotta be the hair!)

National Photographers’ Rights Day

Naomi Interviews Shawn

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Yesterday was the first-ever Photographers’ Rights Rally in Los Angeles, Ca. The event, known as National Photographers’ Rights Day, or NPRD, was organized by “Discarted” and a flickr group was created to explain the motivation behind the rally and to share information and photos from the event.

We met at the Hollywood and Highland Metro Station and after a couple of hours getting to know each other, camera gear discussions and taking photos, we took the Redline down to Union Station.

I met some great people, took a few cool pictures and wished that this was a monthly event (at least) as it was just too important to be a once a year thing and it was a great experience as well; to get out on the streets and capture the many characters of Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles.

This particular photo was taken at Union Station of video-blogger Naomi Mercer interviewing Discarted about the Photographers’ Rights Rally. To see more photos from my perspective, you can view my flickr set created for the event.