BIOCODE // My Feature Film in Pre-Production

And so it begins… this is the year I finally get my feature film “Biocode” off the ground! I’ve started writing the script yesterday (my least favorite part) and doing some pre-visualization work, and though I can’t say much more about it at the moment, the people I am working with (and one of the reasons I recently moved here to New Mexico) are building a large XR/LED Volume Stage – the same technology used to film “The Mandalorian” – which is the only way I’d be able to pull off this Science Fiction movie without needing to win the lottery.

On another note (literally) a tool I’ve been finding very helpful to organizing my ideas/thoughts has been Milanote. It’s a great app for visual creatives to jot down their notes, add their conceptual designs and ideations, structure their plan, etc. It’s been very inspiring, and keeps me moving forward with the project.

Between Worlds – An ai generated Science Fiction Short

As he stepped through the shimmering portal, Jake felt a rush of excitement. He had been working on the inter-dimensional travel project for years, and finally, he was going to see the fruits of his labor.

But as he emerged on the other side, Jake quickly realized that something was wrong. The landscape around him was alien and twisted, with bizarre structures and colors that defied his understanding. And worst of all, the portal behind him had disappeared, leaving him stranded in this strange new world.

Jake began to explore, carefully making his way through the alien landscape. He soon realized that he was not alone – there were other beings here, though they were unlike anything he had ever seen before. Some of them seemed hostile, and Jake had to use all of his wits to avoid being caught by them.

As he continued to search for a way back to his own dimension, Jake discovered that he was not just stuck in this alternate reality – he was also caught in a struggle between two powerful factions. One group wanted to use the inter-dimensional technology to conquer other worlds, while the other sought to protect the integrity of the multiverse.

Jake found himself caught in the middle, forced to choose sides in a conflict that was bigger than he could have ever imagined. But no matter what he decided, one thing was certain – he would never be the same after his time in the alternate dimension.

(The short story was created entirely with OpenAI’s ChatGPT artificial intelligence based on my prompt: “Write a short science fiction story of someone getting stuck between an alternate dimension” All images were created using the MidJourney text-to-image ai based on the paragraphs from the short story.)

2022 Update

Well, obviously I still don’t update this blog as often as I thought I would… and wow, has a lot happened in the world since my last update!

As for me, still stuck here in Portland Oregon. Still working on music. In fact, in 2019, I finally achieved one of my career goals of becoming a Film & TV Composer! Though I had done several short films over the years (including scoring the music to a couple of shorts I Directed myself) this was the year that I finally got paid to score actual budgeted feature films. The first being the SyFy Channel Original Movie “Zombie Tidal Wave” brought to you by most of the team that did those Sharknado movies.

I then did a couple for Amazon Prime entitled “Arctic Apocalypse” and “Clown” both of which are [surprisingly] now playing in theaters in Japan! All of this was supposed to lead to bigger and better movies in 2020… but then the world-wide pandemic hit, film production shutdown, and I’ve been out of work (and unmotivated) ever since.

And that’s basically all I have to report for now. Things have kind of been at a standstill with me. But I have a secret plan that might actually work, we’ll see how it goes… 😉

Update: What I’ve Been Up To…

Wow, it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted here. And this may very well be my final post, as there are already too many other places that I post at (and if it wasn’t for some douchbag hacker trying to get into my account just now, I would have not even posted this!)

Me Live as Science Patrol for Volt Divers at Lovecraft September 26, 2015 – Portland, Oregon

So, what have I been up to? Music! And pretty much nothing but… as you’ve seen by this blog, and maybe some of my other social network accounts, I do many, many things (photography, filmmaking, design) but always the number one most important thing in my life has been, and always will be, my music. And I just wasn’t dedicating myself as much to it as I should have, as of my previous post on here in 2014. Since then though, I have put out numerous albums under various project names on my record label, have been performing live quite a bit, working on some film scores (with an exciting feature film coming at the end of the year for the SyFy channel!) and slowly growing my Youtube channel with synth demos and other music stuff. I still occasionally dabble in the photography and filmmaking, but I have pushed my music to the forefront of my daily life.

My Live Performance @ Signal/Logic/Control April 28, 2017 – Portland, Oregon

So, with that said, if you really want to know what I’ve been up to, check out my YouTube Channel here, or my Instagram, my Twitter, or if you are a friend, find me on Facebook. And I’ll leave you with this fun little demo of the Moog Sub 37 synth I did a couple of years ago, with public domain footage edited by my self to go along with the music…